🌊Seasonal Merch Launches

Our web2 partner is New York City Alliance, who has signed a brand licensing deal with us. They have extensive capabilities in the fashion industry, and will take care of the entire process from design, manufacturing to distribution and retail.


NYCA is equipped with in-house fashion design capabilities. Solana Hills has already completed the design of majority of the merchandise we have planned for in the first season and are moving into the sampling stage.

Coupled with one of the fastest sampling rooms in the industry, we will be able to receive samples within 2 - 4 days after a design is finalised.


  • 100+ physical retail stores owned by NYCA in North America

  • Working with thousands of other retailers and e-commerce stores

Sales Outcome

  • We have sold out the first batch of merchandise produced. However as demand was not as high as expected, most of it was sold at cost or below. Nevertheless, holders received the majority of the benefits via giveaways and promo code discounts purchased with SKULLY.

Looking Ahead

  • Currently there are no immediate plans to produce a second batch of merch under the Solana Hills brand due to the lack of product-market fit.

  • Instead the next launch will be positioned under the wider NXT brand umbrella.

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