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An army of degens
~ This section's write-up is work-in-progress ~

SF - Founder - @metaknight_sf

The person who had the idea for the whole take-over is SF , who has been a long-time holder of Solana Hills. He is the founder and CEO of a major fashion house (NYCA), a Harvard Business School alumni and a member of the Young Presidents’ Organisation

Web3 Lead: Zen

leads the technical product roadmap for the project. He is the CTO of a venture-backed AI tech start-up. Currently full-time web3 and trading
(200k+ funded with several prop firms) and having graduated with an Economics degree from Cambridge, Zen will be helping to shape the technical and tokenomics aspects of the project.

Creative Director: Brian

is our go-to guy for web2 marketing and UI/UX. He has over 25 years of experience in fashion, beauty and retail industries. While he is not busy hanging out with supermodels
, he will be helping to push the Solana Hills branding to greater heights.

Social media + Community Manager: Puff

Community manager for the project and NFT art-connoisseur.
With venture capital experience under his belt and an information management master degree, he will be lending his superb NFT expertise and investment acumen to the team. Puff will listen to the community at every step of the way and help garner the best talent together to bring this project to the next level.

Dev & Tokenomics: Black Magic

NFT dev in web3 and the founder of catchonlabs.
With an illustrative engineering background in web2, he will be helping Solana Hills to redevelop our website and help implement many of the new ideas we have in the roadmap. He is also leading the direction on the project’s tokenomics.

Business Development: Tadpole

manages business development for the team. She holds a high-level position at a Fortune 500 company. Her forte is in managing large million-dollar project launches and business operations across different countries. She will be laser-focused
on creating winning business relationships for the team.

Security Manager: Pika

security manager for the discord. Since young he has been tinkering with electronics and technology, breaking things
to figure out how they worked and what made them secure. You’re in safe hands here.