👾What is the creators' economy in web3?

In Web3, everyone is a creator.

Solana's unique advantage

Solana is a game-changing blockchain technology that offers a unique advantage over other blockchains. Its near-instant settlement of transactions and low transaction costs are just two of the many benefits that make it a top choice for NFT applications.

Its fast settlement of transactions and low transaction costs make value exchange easy, which is a major benefit for users.

In addition to its speedy transactions, some of Solana's latest innovations such as NFT compression and AMMs, together with its composability make it possible for large-scale NFT launches to succeed. With Solana, many web2 businesses can reach millions – if not billions – of target audiences at a fraction of the cost required compared to other blockchains, which allows for broad participation in the creator's economy and the formation of large communities around shared ideas and passions.

Solana's NFT communities have flourished, and many of them have developed a strong culture and sense of ownership. Projects like DeGods, Solana Monkey Business, and Famous Fox Federation have strong communities with unique cultural identities. These NFT-based communities are an excellent starting point to develop truly iconic and lasting brands.

Our way forward

At Solana Hills, we recognize the importance of building a strong, engaged community to help propel our brand forward. We understand that the success of our brand is closely tied to the growth and vitality of our community.

That's why we are committed to fostering a symbiotic relationship between the NFT project, our brand, and the NXT:Solana Hills community.

We believe that a strong community can be a powerful catalyst for brand growth. When community members are actively engaged and invested in the success of the brand, they can help to spread awareness and generate interest in our products and services. Similarly, the growth of the brand can further nourish the community by providing new opportunities for engagement and involvement.

Tokenisation of rewards

To achieve this ideal, we will leverage the power of social incentives and tokenized rewards to encourage community participation and contribution. By offering tangible rewards for the community efforts in helping to grow the brand, we aim to create a culture of active participation and collaboration. Through this approach, we hope to build a vibrant and engaged community that is committed to the long-term success of Solana Hills.

We rock the top!

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