🤑$SKULLY by NXT: Solana Hills


An initial supply of 150 million will be minted.

  • All tokens collected from the use-cases will be burned

  • Team will not reserve any of the tokens nor provide direct liquidity for token

  • Halving of HODL rewards will be done every 6 months

How to earn

  • SH Points Programme: 210 $SKULLY per NFT, per week (CAA 13 Jan 2024)

  • Brand Ambassador activities - 1 EXP = 1 $SKULLY

  • Create-To-Earn

  • Merch and NFT purchases


  • Auctions of 1/1s

  • Auctions of limited-edition merchandise

  • Lucky draws and collabs with raffles and prizes to be won

  • Participation in events

  • Purchase of customised merchandise

  • Retail discounts on merchandise

  • Upgrading NFTs

  • Future mints (Gen-2, other chains)

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