🥩SH Points

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The problem statement

Holders want to feel appreciated for sticking with a project and also for owning more NFTs. They also want an interesting staking experience because that's literally the most common touchpoint for most NFT projects (though that's not necessarily the case for us).

At Solana Hills, we value our community and we want to reward our early supporters and loyal holders. To tackle this problem, we will roll out our Solana Hills points program in several phases.

Beta - Hold and Earn [Rolled-out March 2023]

Simply by holding your Solana Hills NFT in your wallet and keeping it unlisted, you'll be able to earn SH points on a weekly basis. These SH points will be part of the NFT's metadata. But please note that if you list your NFT, your accumulated SH points will be reset back to zero.

We'll be taking random snapshots of NFT holders to determine their SH points, so you never know when we might be checking. And to make things even more exciting, we might even take multiple snapshots a day!

Our Solana Hills Points program is just one way that we're showing our appreciation to our community. We can't wait to see how many points you can rack up over time!

Phase 2 - Staking x Brand Ambassador [Rolled-out June 2023]

Staking will interact with various brand ambassador activities to provide multiplied rewards to holders.

Phase 3a - Gamified Staking [In Development]

In this version, we will consult with the community and introduce more gamified mechanics to staking. Different combinations of residents and traits will start accumulating different tiers of rewards.

Phase 3b - Solana Hills Kings Programme [Rolled-out November 2023]

In this special version of staking, we will take the staking experience to the next level and it will interact fully with our brand ambassador and create-to-earn mechanics.

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